Sodexo Culinary Report 2023

Published on : 2/7/23
  • The ‘Love of Food’ shines through all of Sodexo’s dining experiences

    A revolution is underway in the catering industry worldwide. We are now seeing a shift towards a much more thoughtful approach that promises to pay greater attention to the quality of what we eat, the profound effects food can have on the body, and on working with the environment rather than pushing against it. 

    Sodexo is at the forefront of this sea-change in attitudes and this year’s culinary report offers a glimpse of the remarkable devotion, skill and energy our chefs bring to their kitchens, communities, clients and guests whilst providing them with fantastic food experiences.

    Take a look at this year’s Sodexo Culinary report to catch a glimpse of the advances and initiatives we are making all over the globe. Through innovations in technology, thinking and imagination, we demonstrate that our Love of Food can make a genuinely positive impact.


    Read more in this year's fascinating edition of the Sodexo Culinary Report

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