Buy it Safe, Keep it Safe, Eat it Safe

Published on : 6/3/22
  • We cater to more than 100,000 people in the Middle East daily, so we need to ensure that we deliver safe, healthy and tasty meals to our diners.

    At Sodexo, we consider food safety to be a shared responsibility. We cater to more than 100,000 people in the Middle East daily, so we need to ensure that we concentrate on the entire supply chain from farm to table to ensure the delivery of safe, healthy and tasty meals to our diners every single day. Our approach to food safety is divided into 3 stages: Buy It Safe, Keep it Safe and Eat it Safe.


    Buy it Safe - Having been through a thorough assessment process and safety audit, Sodexo’s suppliers have already established that they have rigorous policies and procedures in place to ensure that food is produced to very high standards in terms of quality, safety and ethics. Our suppliers do not cut corners or make compromises when it comes to safety. We often work hand in hand with our SME vendors to upskill their own teams to keep in line with our specific quality and safety requirements. All our suppliers sign the Supplier Code of Conduct when they do business with us. This is an assurance of their commitment to our safety and sustainability standards.

    Keep it Safe - Sodexo has established and certified systems like ISO 22000 which are underpinned by a strong culture of food safety from top management to the teams working with food on a daily basis. Our teams go through many hours of training and are armed with simplified tools and procedures like visual guides and checklists for everyone to follow. This strategy, combined with periodic food safety audits, helps to drive compliance, behavioural change and continuous improvement. 

    Eat it Safe – We promote awareness about healthy and hygienic eating habits amongst consumers and our own teams. Our philosophy is to create sustainable and permanent changes in habits and behaviour; advocating balanced meal options and encouraging reduced intake of sugar, salt and saturated fats at our client sites. By promoting good nutrition and physical activity, along with providing healthy eating options, we work to make ‘the healthy choice the easy choice’ for our guests.We also maintain a comprehensive cleaning regime in all service and dining areas to ensure a hygienic and safe eating environment. 


    Partners in safety

    A food safety mindset needs to be implemented all the way from farm to table in order to be effective. As a world leader in quality of life services, Sodexo works with the entire food ecosystem - suppliers, clients, regulators and consumers to ensure food safety at every step. From sourcing, logistics, storage, cooking, serving and through to waste management, we take full responsibility for our actions and their impact on people and the environment.

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