Driving continuous improvements at the world’s largest GTL plant.

Published on : 7/29/22
  • As one of the world’s leading energy companies, Shell needs little introduction. Their operations in Qatar come under the umbrella of Shell Qatar, operating under a joint venture with Qatar Petroleum.

    It is under this partnership that they operate Pearl GTL (Gas to Liquids) The largest facility of its kind in the world and one of the most complex energy installations on the planet, in addition to several office buildings and accommodation facilities to support site operations.


    Total Pearl GTL site area: 3,388,656sqm


    Office building size: 44,624sqm


    Number of staff on site: 5000


    Number of critical safety assets: 26,000


    IFM Project Scope

    With decades of experience in the industry and with a world-leading reputation to uphold, Shell Qatar needed to partner with an equally well-respected player in the field of FM to make sure their extensive facilities in the region are managed to internationally recognised best practices. Sodexo’s global experience in managing facilities of this caliber is one of the reasons why Shell Qatar have been working hand-in-hand with Sodexo|Teyseer since 2017, and why the agreement has recently been extended for a further 5 years to at least 2027. It is a partnership that both parties expect to extend long into the future and covers the provision of all the following sites and services:


    • Pearl GTL Site, Ras Laffan
    • Shell Qatar Research and Technology Center, Doha
    • Accommodation facility, Al-Khor
    • Apartment Compound, Doha



    • Soft services including cleaning, catering and waste management
    • HVAC 
    • MEP
    • Fleet Management
    • Solar Panel Maintenance
    • Server Rack Maintenance
    • Security Hardware System
    • Warehouse Maintenance
    • Grounds Maintenance
    • Street Lighting and Roads


    Highlights of our partnership

    Throughout the partnership, both Sodexo|Teyseer and Shell Qatar have been constantly working together to not only keep the site running smoothly but to make efficiencies and implement changes that benefit the staff, the environment, the local community and ultimately save operating costs.

    Through implementation of the latest technology like smart sensors to optimise building energy consumption and cleaning, QR codes for more accurate asset management and using apps to schedule, record and monitor both reactive and preventative maintenance, we’ve changed the way facilities are maintained and made some impressive gains.

    Since the start of the partnership, such has been the level of success and trust that the scope of work has more than doubled and dozens of innovations have been introduced that make operations more efficient while enhancing employee satisfaction. Below are some of the highlights and achievements of the partnership so far:



    Environmental considerations are high on the list of priorities for any responsible business. Not only because it's the right thing to do, but also because by using resources carefully and looking for ways to save energy, water and materials, there can be a huge positive impact on costs.


    Award and implementation of ISO 14001


    25% reduction in electricity usage since 2018


    70% reduction in water consumption since 2019


    All lightbulbs replaced by LEDs


    Installation of motion sensors for lights


    Aerators in taps to reduce water consumption


    Health and Safety

    Nothing is more important than the health and safety of the people who spend their working lives on a site. Sodexo|Teyseer and Shell Qatar take their responsibilities in this regard extremely seriously and throughout this contract both parties have put stringent measures in place to ensure a safe working environment. We know that proper safety measures in the workplace lead to happier, more satisfied and more productive teams.


    3.3 million safe man-hours worked


    Over 4 years of LTI free operations (Lost Time Injury)


    2.5 million KM of Zero Recordable Vehicle Incident



    By taking advantage of new technology and adapting the thinking behind how teams are trained, we’ve been successful in making large efficiencies for Shell Qatar in this project.


    US $1.42M in cost savings between 2018 and 2021


    Refurbishment and digitization of HVAC systems = 50% reduction in running costs


    Multi-skilling and the use of technology = 20% reduction in FTE


    Total cost saving of over US$ 850K in 2021


    Cost savings 90% above the initial target


    Asset lifecycles extended through preventative maintenance programme


    Client Satisfation

    In any project we take on, we take great care to ensure that the users of a site, whether employees, customers or visitors, have a positive experience. We take regular feedback from all stakeholders to ensure that expectations are being met and that satisfaction rates are high.


    97% satisfaction rates from site employees


    12 new lines of service added since the start of the contract


    Expansion of scope in 2022 to cover CCTV cameras, street lights, road maintenance and RMUs


    “Sodexo have focused on building the right safety culture, delivered outstanding outcomes not only in terms of the all-important stats but translated into high quality operations and projects on site”
    - General Manager Qatar Shell

    "A big thank you for the great work that you are doing, keeping everything very clean so our staff are comfortable working on site"
    - Production team & Integration Manager 

    “Very Professional staff on the ground"
    – EA/Department Focal Admin, Commercial 

    "My sincerest thanks to the supportive and trusted team. We really appreciate their efficient support to Pearl."
    – EA to PGTL VP 



    In the 5 years since the partnership between Sodexo|Teyseer and Shell Qatar began, we have made great strides in making the entire project more efficient, more environmentally friendly, safer for the employees and a more satisfying place to work. We have exceeded targets, expanded scope and have been asked to extend the length of the contract. As an IFM provider in Qatar, the middle east and the wider world, there’s no better choice of partner than Sodexo. The world’s biggest names choose to work with us to provide their IFM services. If you’d like to find out more about how we can help with your company’s IFM services, please get in touch.


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