Supporting your industry Onshore & Offshore

The rules for critical services such as disinfection and cleaning, temperature monitoring, optimising accommodation and workplace space, providing flexible dining options, and much more have all been rewritten - and Sodexo has the playbook.

We’ve redesigned our services to help you stay ahead of the curve. Our global supply chain provides continuous access to the items your employees need to operate safely, like PPE and sanitisation products, and we’re equipped now for a potential second wave.

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Meeting the needs of your industry

Offshore & Marine

Life's tough for people working in isolated, extreme environments, such as an offshore platform in the North Sea. Our integrated services improve your employees’ well-being at work which in turn contributes to better performance on the job.

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Remote Sites Management

Onshore Energy

There are few environments more complex than an oil terminal or LNG plant.  Your workforce needs services that support their wellbeing and meet their evolving needs whilst they are on-site.

Mining Services

To support your remote mining operations, you need providers with on-the-ground experience, uncompromising health and safety standards and a strong commitment to engaging with local communities.



Did you know?

The number of FM assets Sodexo manages for Shell across the globe.

Positive Impact

Offshore food services

Food should be eaten, not wasted

Food should never be thrown away. Nearly all our site managers, chefs and kitchen staff have implemented initiatives to cut waste. But this is not enough. We're using data to identify actions that can change behavior and reduce food waste.

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Reducing carbon emissions and Energy Management Services

Reducing carbon emissions

A stable climate is indispensable to quality of life. Sodexo is in a strong position to contribute to this global challenge through our core services. Actions we are taking include food waste prevention, plant-based meal options, energy management services and responsible sourcing.

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