What we do

Our culinary excellence and dedication to the best meal experience for our guests is what sets Sodexo apart. We've been investing in the quality of our food for more than 60 years by developing and testing recipes that reflect the latest flavor trends, all the while embedding more sustainable ingredients and dishes into our menus.

We offer healthy, varied, balanced meals with seasonal produce, while balancing our use of natural resources with our clients’ operating contexts, and our guests' budgets.

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Our services

In addition to traditional foodservices, our expertise includes retail services and brands, food delivery, meal and food vouchers as well as digital food ordering services. 

On-site dining

Food is Sodexo’s heritage, it's what we do! Our global expertise and broad range of services allows us to bring inspiring on-site dining solutions to thousands of client locations globally. Our menus include sustainable recipes, fresh and healthy ingredients, with a wide range of delicious options.

...and anywhere dining

We provide solutions for every type of company, including those without restaurant facilities and remote workers. Our flexible solutions give our guests the food they want, where and when they want. Our digital platforms and delivery options offer a seamless experience with a multitude of customized food options at a simple touch on their smartphone.

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Sustainability in our kitchens: smart sourcing, eating for good and reducing food waste

By sourcing more local and seasonal produce, we can continue to reduce our environmental impact and contribute to the community around our client sites.


Our chefs create a range of delicious sustainable options to lower the carbon footprint of daily menus and provide more nutrient-rich, flavourful dishes.


Our chefs are also reducing food waste through efficient planning, culinary creativity and innovative cooking methods. This is by developing recipes that use the whole ingredient and thinking about food holistically.



Employed by Sodexo worldwide

When it comes to eating healthier, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice taste. Because to make healthier habits stick, it’s essential that you enjoy them! That's why our 5,402 dietitians, all over the world, play a critical role in ensuring the meals we serve satisfy our guests’ preferences and make “the healthy choice, the easy choice”. Our nutritionists help us create healthy, balanced meals adapted to guests’ lifestyles and the diversity of their tastes around the world.

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